Hydronic Heating Myths

Hydronic heating is an extremely comfortable and energy-efficient way of heating your home, but some aren’t aware of all the great benefits. That’s why we’re here to debunk these hydronic heating myths:

1) Hydronic heating only heats your floor: While this is true in some cases, hydronic radiant systems are meant to replace your whole-home heating system and keep your home warm, not just your floor.

2) Heat rises so hydronic heating doesn’t work: Heat doesn’t rise, hot air rises, so hydronic heating is actually more effective than standard heating systems that produce hot air.

3) Hydronic heating can only be used with certain types of flooring: Hydronic radiant heating has come a long way since professionals warned against using it with hardwood floors. Today it can be used with almost any type of flooring.

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Hydronic Heating
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