Furnace Tips: Quick Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

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It’s never too late to make your home energy efficient. By following these simple steps, you could soon be saving money on your utility bills!

1) Have a home energy audit to identify which parts of your home are not energy efficient – many utility providers will do this for free
2) Seal cracks, holes and gaps in your windows, doors, walls and ducts
3) Get a programmable thermostat and adjust according to your schedule
4) If you have an old furnace or air conditioning system, upgrade to an Energy Star product
5) Get your ducts and furnace filters cleaned and replaced so your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime

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  • Kendall Ryder

    Sealing any holes or gaps is a great idea. That way, you can prevent any cold breeze that tries to sneak in. And, you won’t have to worry about running your heater as much since it wouldn’t be so cold in your home. That way you end up saving more money by not running the heater!

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