Furnace Tips: Benefits of Ductless Split Air Conditioning

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With the warm summer months just around the corner for Shelburne, Collingwood, Orangeville, Owen Sound and Caledon, you might want to consider ductless split air conditioning.

1. Cost effectiveness – If your home depends on an inefficient air conditioning system, like a window unit, a ductless split air conditioner could save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Plus, you could be eligible for tax credits.

2. Improved indoor air quality – Ductless air conditioning systems don’t require regular duct cleaning and also involve multi-stage filtration systems, so your home’s air quality could be better than outside.

3. Installation is quick and easy – If you don’t already have a traditional ducted air conditioning system, having one installed in your home could be disruptive and take weeks. A ductless split air conditioner runs on three-inch pipes that don’t require rebuilding walls to install.

Interested in ductless split air conditioning for your home? Find out more!

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  • Rick Bino

    We just purchased a home near Singhampton and will move in after March 31.
    The house is mostly open concept with baseboard heating and 2 propane heaters as a supplement. No ductwork!
    We saw a display at the cottage life show for Zuba and know there are other brands too.
    The sales person spoke about the efficient systems that save electricity now available and also that the installation costs are reasonable.

    We are interested in a quote for a system to be installed after our move in date.

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