What’s the Difference Between Oil and Gas Furnaces?

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If you are considering buying a new furnace, you may be wondering what the difference between oil and gas is. Make sure you’re choosing the right furnace for your home!

Oil Furnaces

• Oil furnaces and other oil heaters provide more heat per BTU (British thermal unit) than other heating sources, but the appliances are far less efficient than gas appliances.
• Oil is more expensive than both natural gas and propane per litre.
• Home insurance comes at a premium for homes with oil storage and appliances on site.
• Service for oil furnaces is required once annually by the TSSA, and usually provided by the delivery company.
• But maintenance can be pretty involved, because oil furnaces have more dirt and soot buildup.
• The chimney will have to be cleaned and filters changed frequently.

Gas Furnaces

• Natural gas and Propane gas furnaces are more efficient with heating and fuel costs less than oil.
• Propane furnaces can be converted to natural gas and visa versa depending on your needs.
• Gas furnaces don’t need as much maintenance as an oil furnace – just a regular yearly maintenance.
• Gas furnaces tend to be quieter and cleaner and less expensive than comparable oil furnaces.

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