Closing Up Your Cottage After the Summer

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Soon the last signs of summer will be gone, and many cottage owners will be starting to close up for the winter. There are lots of steps you can take to make sure your cottage is still in great shape when you come to open it again in the spring!

Winterize Your Water Supply

A lot of cottages aren’t properly winterized, so take steps to prevent it from freezing over the winter. Frozen pipes can burst, causing tons of damage. If you return in the spring, you may not have a water supply.

Drain your pipes when you leave for the last time. You can buy non-toxic anti-freeze made especially for these types of pipes. Make sure your pipes are wrapped and protected properly at the joints to provide more protection from freezing.


Small animals like mice and squirrels can wreak havoc on your cottage over the winter months if they move in while you’re gone. Try not to use poison, but make sure you take all of your food with you when you leave so there isn’t anything left behind for them to be attracted to. Do a quick inspection of the exterior of your cottage to make sure there aren’t any small holes for critters to get in through. Cover your chimney so that birds don’t get it, and to keep it protected from rain and snow.


If you’re going to completely turn off your cottage’s electricity, turn off all of your large appliances beforehand.

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