Gas or Oil Furnace?

At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer both gas and oil furnace options! For both gas and oil, we offer heating equipment such as; furnaces, boilers and water heaters.

How do you know which one to choose? Here are some pros and cons to both gas and oil furnaces:

• Better for residents in colder regions since oil provides more heat per BTU than other heating options
• Doesn’t require a direct connection to the utility company
• Typically oil furnaces need more maintenance
• Oil is significantly more expensive than gas
• Not known for their fuel efficiency
•  Higher insurance bills.

•  A gas furnace can use either natural gas or propane with a simple conversion kit.
• A permanent generator to your home which can run off your natural gas or propane line is easily attachable
• Limited maintenance required
•  Gas furnaces are much more efficient than oil furnaces and cost less to run overall.
•  There aren’t any!

Whichever you chose is a long-term commitment, so call us and we will help you chose to the perfect furnace!

2 Responses to “Gas or Oil Furnace?”

  1. Lynda Keegan August 12, 2015 at 4:07 pm #

    I’m currently using a oil furnace and need a new one as my existing is 28 yrs old.
    I live in amaranth in an old century farm house with no insulation in the walls only
    in the attic. I need some help from the professionals the home is two storey and
    4 bedrms two bathrooms a very large home. I have a fairly new oil tank in place
    with a rubble foundation. Also lots of trees surround the home, what would
    you suggest oil vs propane – I have a propane tank my concern with propane is
    people complain it’s not hot enough. and this is a big drafty home. thanks so much

  2. Graham Bryan August 13, 2015 at 11:58 am #

    That’s a great question!
    Many people do feel this way about propane furnaces but if you have a properly sized furnace for the amount of heat loss that occurs in your home then a propane furnace can provide more than the adequate amount of heat and at a lower fuel cost as well as lower electricity and insurance costs. Our Bryan’s Fuel home comfort experts can perform a heat loss calculation on your home specifically and give you a quote on all of your options and explain the benefits of each!

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