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Find out if you should repair or replace your HVAC from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

Repair or Replace? What to Consider for Your HVAC

If your HVAC system is causing you problems, you may be asking yourself: should I replace or repair my system? While there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to your system’s particular issues and problems, there are a couple of things you can consider when making this decision. How old is your system? Depending on the type […]

Summer Cottage Preparation|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Get Your Cottage Ready for Summer

Think it’s a little early to get your cottage ready for summer? Think again! Lots of people in the Owen Sound, Collingwood, Shelburne, Orangeville, Caledon areas and beyond wait until the May 2-4 weekend. But we think it’s a great idea to get it done early so you can actually enjoy the first signs of […]

Rent or Buy a Water Heater|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Should I Rent or Buy a Water Heater?

If you’re a homeowner in the Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound and Collingwood, you probably have a water heater. Water heaters are an essential part of home comfort! But many homeowners don’t know that they have an option to buy or rent a water heater. Check out these pros and cons so you can choose the […]

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