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Considerations for a new water heater from Bryan's Fuel

What to Consider When Replacing Your Water Heater

On a day-to-day basis, you likely don’t pay much attention to your water heater. But your water heater is an essential home comfort system that keeps you and your family comfortable, and makes getting warm water as simple as turning on the faucet. When your water heater starts to malfunction, it can cause a lot […]

Winter home renovations from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

5 Home Renovation Projects You Can Do in the Winter

When it comes to renovating your home, winter isn’t always the best time of year to undertake big renovation projects. However, there are certain reno projects that can be done in the winter. In fact, doing some renovation projects in the winter may save you money. Basement Renovations Because basements are below ground and out […]

Will my furnace survive the winter from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

Will My Furnace Survive the Winter?

The winter season is quickly approaching, and your furnace will likely have a lot of work to do in the months ahead. But you may be wondering, will your furnace survive the winter? Keep reading to find out how you can tell. Furnace Lifespan You’ll want to consider the age of your furnace when determining […]

Common house fire causes from Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Common House Fire Causes & How to Avoid Them

As homeowners, we try to make our home comfortable, cozy and safe for our families. Unfortunately, with all of the appliances, systems and wiring in our homes, sometimes that means we’re at an increased risk for fires. With a little bit of vigilance and care, you can avoid these common causes of house fires. Home […]

5 home projects to do before end of summer from Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

5 Home Projects to Do Before the Summer Ends

The end of summer is almost here, and unfortunately, many of us homeowners just haven’t found the time to do some of those much-needed home maintenance tasks. Between trips to the beach, cottage or weeks-long vacations, it’s easy to let chores fall by the wayside. But before the summer ends, make sure you get some […]

5 Indoor Air Pollutants from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

5 Indoor Air Pollutants You Might Not Be Aware Of

The quality of the air in your home is essential for keeping you and your family healthy. Poor indoor air quality can cause breathing problems, skin issues and other health problems that are easily avoided. But sometimes, indoor air quality can be more than just an issue of dusty air or mold. These are some […]

Home repairs to do this spring from Bryan's Fuel Ontario

Home Repairs You Should Do This Spring

Ontario homeowners know just how damaging the winters can be for our homes. With snow, wind, ice and cold temperatures, our homes go through a lot over the winter months. This spring, why not take some time to do repairs to protect your home from spring rains and summer storms? Repair Your Roof Whether you’ve […]

Get your air conditioner ready for spring with help from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring

In Southern Ontario, our summers can get so hot and humid that the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down suddenly. And while you might think you won’t need your air conditioner for many months, having it ready for spring can help prevent disasters and save you some money. Here’s […]

7 Things to Look for in a Home Comfort System from Bryan's Fuel in Orangeville

7 Things to Look for in a Home Comfort System

As a homeowner, a home comfort system is one of the most important – and most expensive – single purchases you’ll make for your home. Having the right system is important for keeping your home comfortable, your family healthy and your energy bills a little smaller. Reliability If you’re going to spend a lot of […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wood Fireplace | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wood Fireplace

Nothing says “cozy and warm” during the winter like a roaring fire! Before you start using your fireplace this winter, make sure you know how to get the most out of it. 1) Make sure wood is stored properly; it should be kept dry and covered with a tarp if kept outside 2) Use local […]

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