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Natural Air Fresheners|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Best Natural Home Air Fresheners

Keep your home’s air quality fresh and your home smelling great with these great natural air fresheners! • Green tea – great for cat litter box smells • Dryer sheets – use them in your garbage bin • Apple cider vinegar – pour it down your drain if you’re experiencing unpleasant smells • Vanilla extract – perfect for stinky […]

Effects of Dry Air from Keeprite Furnaces|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Furnace Humidity Tips: Effects of Dry Air in Your Home

Ontarians know our hot and humid summer very well. We all know high humidity in your home can lead to all kinds of problems, but did you know dry air can be just as damaging? The Effects of Dry Air from Furnaces • Dry air can make your skin feel cold and itchy, as well as […]

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Four Factors Affecting Home Comfort

We believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home. There are four factors that effect the comfort of your home. 1. Temperature Temperatures in homes can fluctuate dramatically between sun shining through windows, drafts throughout your home or even your own body temperature. 2. Humidity Our summers can be hot and humid, […]


Duct Systems

Incorrect air flow in your home can cost you money and reduce your comfort! This is why a duct system is very important as it provides a controlled path for air flow throughout your home. Duct systems can provide many benefits including: • Improved comfort • Improved air quality • Lower monthly utility bill • […]

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10 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

As much as we hate to say it, summer is slowly coming to an end. Be prepared for the fall season with these easy tips for preparing your home for fall. 1. Defence against drafts A home with air leaks around windows and doors can get drafty and keeps the heating costs high. In your […]

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