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Natural Air Fresheners|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Best Natural Home Air Fresheners

Keep your home’s air quality fresh and your home smelling great with these great natural air fresheners! • Green tea – great for cat litter box smells • Dryer sheets – use them in your garbage bin • Apple cider vinegar – pour it down your drain if you’re experiencing unpleasant smells • Vanilla extract – perfect for stinky […]

Home Furnace Vacation Prep|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Prep Your Home and Furnace Before You Go on Vacation

For many homeowners, winter is the season for heading down south for a vacation. To have peace of mind while you’re away, take these steps to prepare your home. 1. Electronics Unplug any unnecessary electronics – from TVs and charging tablets to small appliances, these all use electricity even when they’re not turned on, and […]

Small Engine Storage for Winter|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Storing Small Engines for the Winter

If you own a home or cottage in Collingwood, Shelburne or Orangeville, you probably own a lawn mower and other small engines. Store your lawn mower and other small machines safely and effectively this winter. How to Store Small Engines Safely • Clean machines before storing them • Empty the gas tank safely and into a […]

Gas & Fuel Appliance Safety Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Gas and Fuel Appliance Safety

From ovens and stovetops to water heaters and furnaces, gas is a versatile form of heat with a lot of benefits. To get the most out of your gas appliances, make sure you’re following these safety tips. Stovetops • If lighting your stove requires a match, always make sure you light the match before turning on […]

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