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More Tips for Warming Your Home this Winter | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

More Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm this Winter

Keeping your home warm this winter is easy – especially with the right tips and tricks! So before you go and turn up your heater, try some of these tips first. 1) Install a programmable thermostat – Keep your energy bill low, especially when you’re not home during the day 2) Let in sunlight – […]

Spring Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Spring Cleaning Tips to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

If you’re planning on doing some spring cleaning and organizing this season, it’s the perfect time to consider what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Here’s how: • Use fragrance-free cleaners It’s tempting to buy into the “spring fresh” scented cleaning products out there, but the best thing for your home’s air […]

Prevent Spring Flooding in Your Home|Bryan's Fuel Collingwood

How to Prevent Flooding In Your Home this Spring

Ahh, spring! The birds are chirping, the snow is (hopefully!) gone for the year and Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound, Collingwood and Caledon homeowners are coming out of hibernation. But with the warmer weather comes the potential for spring rainstorms and other flooding risks. Make sure your home is prepared for flooding with these tips. 1. Clean your […]

Bring Your Lawnmower out of Winter Hibernation|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Fuels: How to Bring Your Lawn Mower Out of Winter Hibernation

With spring officially here, the weather starting to warm up and the spring rains starting to make everything grow again, that can only mean one thing: a thick, lush lawn! And that means you’ll need to bring your lawn mower out of hibernation before you know it. Follow these tips so you can extend the […]

Why Should I Clean My Ducts|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Furnace Tips: Why Should I Clean My Ducts?

You should think of your air ducts as the veins of your home. If they get clogged or dirty, it affects the health of your home. But it’s easy to forget about your air ducts, and some homeowners don’t even realize they should be cleaned. Clogged Ducts? You can usually tell if your ducts need […]

How You're Making Your Home Dustier|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

How You’re Making Your Home Dustier

Dust is unsightly, messy and contributes to allergies. You could be contributing to the dust in your home in the following ways: 1. Fuzzy rugs – the fuzzier they are, the more dirt and dust that accumulates in them and the harder they are to keep clean on a regular basis 2. Using old rags […]

Basement Energy Efficiency|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Furnace Tips: How to Improve Your Basement’s Energy Efficiency

Lots of homeowners in the Orangeville, Shelburne, Collingwood and Owen sound areas and beyond store a lot of appliances, furnishing and keepsakes in their basements. Here’s what you can do to make this often overlooked space in your home more energy efficient: • If you have an old fridge or freezer lurking in your basement, […]

Furnace Tips Affects of Dry Air|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Furnace Tips: Dry Air Problems and How to Fix Them

As Shelburne, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Orangeville and Caledon homeowners know, winters in Ontario can be dry, and our furnaces often only add to the dryness in our home. Here’s how it affects us, and what you can do to stop it. Illness Prevention Membranes lining your throat and nose are designed to capture dirt, dust, […]

Summer Cottage Preparation|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Get Your Cottage Ready for Summer

Think it’s a little early to get your cottage ready for summer? Think again! Lots of people in the Owen Sound, Collingwood, Shelburne, Orangeville, Caledon areas and beyond wait until the May 2-4 weekend. But we think it’s a great idea to get it done early so you can actually enjoy the first signs of […]

Gas & Fuel Appliance Safety Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Gas and Fuel Appliance Safety

From ovens and stovetops to water heaters and furnaces, gas is a versatile form of heat with a lot of benefits. To get the most out of your gas appliances, make sure you’re following these safety tips. Stovetops • If lighting your stove requires a match, always make sure you light the match before turning on […]

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