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Home Furnace Vacation Prep|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Prep Your Home and Furnace Before You Go on Vacation

For many homeowners, winter is the season for heading down south for a vacation. To have peace of mind while you’re away, take these steps to prepare your home. 1. Electronics Unplug any unnecessary electronics – from TVs and charging tablets to small appliances, these all use electricity even when they’re not turned on, and […]

Furnace Holiday Safety Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Holiday Party Safety Tips for Shelburne, Owen Sound, Orangeville and Collingwood

Whether you’re planning an office get together, a family event or a special holiday party with friends, there are lots of things to think about with any holiday party! Throw the best holiday party this year with these safety tips! • Keep decorative candles away from flammable objects – especially the Christmas tree or any […]

Small Engine Storage for Winter|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Storing Small Engines for the Winter

If you own a home or cottage in Collingwood, Shelburne or Orangeville, you probably own a lawn mower and other small engines. Store your lawn mower and other small machines safely and effectively this winter. How to Store Small Engines Safely • Clean machines before storing them • Empty the gas tank safely and into a […]

Gas & Fuel Appliance Safety Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Gas and Fuel Appliance Safety

From ovens and stovetops to water heaters and furnaces, gas is a versatile form of heat with a lot of benefits. To get the most out of your gas appliances, make sure you’re following these safety tips. Stovetops • If lighting your stove requires a match, always make sure you light the match before turning on […]

Furnace and Fuel Safety Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Fuel Safety: Home Projects You Should Leave to a Professional

DIY (do it yourself) projects can be fun and rewarding, and can be a great way of saving money in certain situations. But some Orangeville, Shelburne and Collingwood homeowners make the mistake of DIYing everything – which disastrous results. While aesthetic jobs like painting and small projects are great times to DIY, try to avoid […]

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Gas Appliance Safety Tips

We always recommend being aware of the dangers of any appliances or systems in your home. Stay safe with your gas appliances. • Don’t store combustible materials near gas appliances or their vents. • Don’t store gas-powered outdoor equipment, like lawn mowers, indoors or close to gas appliances. • Make sure the area is properly ventilated […]


Gas or Oil Furnace?

At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer both gas and oil furnace options! For both gas and oil, we offer heating equipment such as; furnaces, boilers and water heaters. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some pros and cons to both gas and oil furnaces: Oil Pros: • Better for residents in colder […]

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Summer Fuel Safety

Summer is finally here! The great outdoors, the sunshine, the trips to the cottage with the family–there’s nothing better. One of the best ways to make sure you and your family has a fun summer is to stay safe. And because we use fuels for lawnmowers, weed trimmers, RVs, ATVs, boats, barbecues and so much […]

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