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How to prepare your home for winter this fall from Bryan's Fuel

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter This Fall

With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the season ahead. These tips won’t just help protect your home from potential winter damage, they’ll also help you save some money by making your home more energy efficient. Have a Furnace Inspection Don’t wait until the winter […]

Common house fire causes from Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Common House Fire Causes & How to Avoid Them

As homeowners, we try to make our home comfortable, cozy and safe for our families. Unfortunately, with all of the appliances, systems and wiring in our homes, sometimes that means we’re at an increased risk for fires. With a little bit of vigilance and care, you can avoid these common causes of house fires. Home […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wood Fireplace | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wood Fireplace

Nothing says “cozy and warm” during the winter like a roaring fire! Before you start using your fireplace this winter, make sure you know how to get the most out of it. 1) Make sure wood is stored properly; it should be kept dry and covered with a tarp if kept outside 2) Use local […]

More Tips for Warming Your Home this Winter | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

More Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm this Winter

Keeping your home warm this winter is easy – especially with the right tips and tricks! So before you go and turn up your heater, try some of these tips first. 1) Install a programmable thermostat – Keep your energy bill low, especially when you’re not home during the day 2) Let in sunlight – […]

Uses for Natural Gas You Didn't Know | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville Shelburne Collingwood Caledon Owen Sound

Uses for Natural Gas You Didn’t Know

When homeowners think of natural gas, typically only one use comes to mind: heating their homes. And while natural gas is an excellent, efficient way to keep your home warm, it has tons of other uses as well, making it a versatile form of energy. Cooking Natural gas has been used for cooking for a […]

What Type of Fireplace is Right For Me? | Bryan's Fuel Orangeville Shelburne Collingwood Caledon Owen Sound

What Type of Fireplace is Right for Me?

When it comes to heating your home this winter, you have lots of options. Choosing the right fireplace for your home and your family can be intimidating and overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this list of fireplaces for you to decide! Wood • Oldest and most traditional type of fireplaces • Romantic feeling • Come in […]