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Energy Efficient Holiday Party|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Tips for an Energy-Efficient Holiday Party

Throw the best – and most energy efficient – holiday party this season with these tips! 1. Replace old strands of lights with LED strands 2. Use decorations that add colour and texture but don’t necessarily use power 3. Buy a timer for your lights 4. Set your thermostat to about 66 degrees Fahrenheit to keep […]

Keeprite Furnace Energy Saving Tips|Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Furnace Tips: Make Your Living Room Cosy and Save Money

If you own a house or cottage in Collingwood, Shelburne or Orangeville, you know how cold our winters can be. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw your furnace into overdrive to keep your home toasty. Check out these tips so you can save money and stay warm this winter. • Make a warm cup […]

woman with a thermostat

How to Save Money on Home Heating

Sometimes, all your home needs is a couple of quick fixes to lower your heating bills and usage. • Have a chimney? Buy an inflatable chimney balloon! They’re easy to use, and will automatically deflate if you forget to take it down before using your fireplace. • If you have an attic, you should make sure […]

geothermal energy home comfort system home

5 Geothermal Energy Myths

Considering geothermal energy for your home? Don’t be swayed by these myths! 1. Geothermal energy takes up a lot of yard space: In fact, earth loops used for geothermal energy can sometimes be buried vertically, taking up less space. 2. Heat pumps used for geothermal energy are loud: They’re actually really quiet, and none of the equipment […]


Tankless Water Heaters

At Bryan’s Fuel we offer both oil and propane fuelled water heaters! Not only that, but we offer them for sale or for rent. We offer a variety of styles including tankless water heaters! Not sure about what this is? Tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water without the use of a […]


Gas or Oil Furnace?

At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer both gas and oil furnace options! For both gas and oil, we offer heating equipment such as; furnaces, boilers and water heaters. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some pros and cons to both gas and oil furnaces: Oil Pros: • Better for residents in colder […]

air conditioning unit replaced

When Is It Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Certain telltale signs indicate that it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioner, or improving the performance of your system. If your system has any of the following issues, it may be time to replace your air conditioner. #1: Age If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it with […]

Energy Consumption Bryan's Fuel Orangeville

Tips for Cutting Down Energy Consumption

Owning a home can be expensive, between mortgage payments and utility bills. But there are ways you can save money on your gas and electricity bills, all while conserving energy and helping the environment. And the great news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some great ways you can cut down […]

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