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Propane Storage

BRYAN’S FUEL features propane equipment in a variety of tank sizes with installation options customized to suit your unique situation. As always, you know the BRYAN’S FUEL team is here to help you, whether you are planning a new propane heating system, expanding an existing one or need emergency service on your heating equipment.


As your supplier BRYAN’S FUEL is committed to providing you the highest degree of efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction in the propane industry. With a simplified pricing schedule adjusted daily to reflect wholesale market price changes, you can rest assured we are consistently the lowest cost propane supplier in the area.

Propane gas is a clean, convenient and reliable method of heating for residential, agricultural and commercial buildings, in addition to being more economical than electricity!

2013 Propane Program Pricing

Propane Market Pricing

Price per litre, plus HST, based on 500 US Gal tank and annual volume of 3,000 - 5,500 Litres,
effective 03/06/15

Propane  0.597  
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